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Joann, Brooklyn NYC, "I colored my hair the other day, and after a couple of shampoos, my granddaughter told me that my hair was purple. At first, I thought she was playing around with me, but after looking in the mirror I realized MY HAIR IS PURPLE. What factors could have affected this? What can I do to avoid this problem? Please help!"

Dear Joann,

There are a few different reasons why your hair might look closer to an eggplant than you may like. Purplish hues tells me it’s a form of discoloration. This generally happens when one’s hair is over porous or due to resistant gray, not taking the color fully but only taking the base fully.  People tend to find this more often when they are over 50% gray and using a semi permanent hair color.

In order to lift the purple out you can:

                a) Increase how often you shampoo
                b) Use a hot oil treatment to lift out the color

If you use the hot oil treatment, you should let your scalp rest for 24-48 hours before trying any new colors.  

How you can avoid this problem going forward:
Best way to negate purple in hair color is to use another color with a golden base.

If you take a look at the color wheel, purple and gold are opposite colors so they will negate each other and save you from having your granddaughter pointing and laughing at you! (for your purple hair at least :)) I hope this information was helpful.

Image: Pinterest, BarbieMutations

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